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Why is banana one of the first foods that your baby eats?

Having a child is a great feeling for parents and families. But what daunts the new age parents are figuring out what’s best for their Lil’ ones. It is believed that banana is an ideal starter food for your Lil’ ones. The soft and mushy texture makes it easy for the Lil ones to eat. But apart from its softness, there’s a long list of benefits this infant food has. Banana is naturally sweet and has a high nutritional value. It contains high Fiber and Potassium which is great for infants. Also known as “nature’s fruit”, it contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin B6. This infant food is a soother for the tiny tummies of your babies as it accelerates the digestive system. The Vitamin-A present in banana helps in clearing your child’s vision just like carrots. The iron-rich fruit is great to protect your child against anaemia. 

Paediatricians highly recommend banana for babies above four months of age. The yummy taste helps the child enjoy the food and get nutrients at large. With picky eaters too, banana is one favorite fruit. Although sometimes, it can become boring for the infants and difficult for you to feed them the nutrient they need. To make the meal taste yummier and healthier for infants and growing kids, Lil Goodness has come up with two delicious flavours – Jaggery Oats Banana Porridge and Caramel Oats Banana Porridge. With the goodness of Oats, banana and natural sugar flavor of jaggery and caramel, your child will begin to enjoy the meal. Having natural ingredients and loaded fruit nutrients, it won’t be a difficult deal to feed your Lil one anymore. The Jaggery Oats Banana Porridge is rich in protein, calcium and healthy carbs, making a solid meal for your growing child. 

With easy to carry travel box, it won’t be difficult to take the power pack meal along as an evening snack in the play area or the car. Here are a quick five fabulous reasons why the Lil Goodness Jaggery Oats Banana Porridge and Caramel Oats Banana Porridge is a great start to a healthy
meal for your Lil one:

  • It’s a convenient food that will ease half of your feeding task!
  • A great nutrient-filled bowl that will give all the goodness to your Lil
  • Easy to carry to the weekend picnic, in the car, at the play zone, or at
    home. You can take a bowl of nutrients anywhere so your kid aces the
    game of self-feeding.
  • ZERO added preservatives, Zero trans-fat. In short, health is wealth is
    what we abide by!
  • And yes! It’s BPA free. 
    Your kid’s daily nutrition need is very important and we understand your
    concern. Keeping a high portion of nutrients and favourite flavour among kids in mind, we highly recommend the Lil Goodness Jaggery Oats Banana
    Porridge and Caramel Oats Banana Porridge for your little champ.

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